Welcome to American Doors

At American Doors, we pride ourselves on being the friendliest, most cost-effective and easiest-to-use manufacturers for Wooden Doors, Kitchen, Wardrobes, Floors, Staircases, Roof Fall & Ceilings etc. in Pakistan.

Wood products are made from different types of wood such as hardwood, softwood, exotic wood, thermally modified wood & marine/boat grade wood. Capabilities include diameters from 1/2 to 18 in, lengths up to 12 feet, flatwork, moldings, round, square, shaped and CNC machined parts. Drilling, rounding, slotting, chamfering, tenoning, pointing, beveling and sanding available. Wood species include plywood, lumber, MDF (medium density fiberboard), birch, cherry, maple, oak, ash, poplar, and walnut.

Since 1964, we are dealing in the timber business, and we are the worldwide importer of several kinds of timbers by the name of SAMKA TIMBER. In 1992, We established fabricating/woodworking unit, By the name of AMERICAN DOORS located in Karachi, Pakistan. We have worked tirelessly to earn our reputation for quality, service, and dependability.

For over 22 years these founding principles have helped us succeed in creating prestigious architectural roadworks projects on a global standard. Our experts staff of estimators/project managers, engineers, craftsman’s, and carpenters consistently provide a superior level of service resulting in the successful completion of unparalleled projects. We believed that each door should be a reflection of the home owner’s unique taste and personality.

We work directly with architects, builders, and homeowners to translate their design into reality.

Our team engages our clients with a personalized experience, from the beginning stages of design all the way through the process to the final, One-of-a-kind result. This unique approach provides a distinguished, personal level of quality, services, and dependability that permeates every aspect of the project and never goes unnoticed.

If you have a unique challenge, a tight deadline, or simply a vision you would like to bring to fruition, we are ready to meet and exceed your expectations. In 22 years, we have never failed to meet a commitment, regardless of the size or complexity of the project. Everyone needs a little inspiration at times. We get ours from builders, architects, and homeowners who have a drive for something more than the status quo.

As a leading manufacturer of quality joinery work in PAKISTAN, we welcome you to take interest in our products. On a visit to our showroom, our reliable and experienced sales team will professionally assist you in finding products that will suit your individual needs and preferences.


Made in Pakistan.